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What is Nature of SEO | What is White Hat SEO | What is Black Hat SEO | What is Gray Hat SEO

Nature of SEO | White Hat SEO | Black Hat SEO | Gray Hat SEO

Nature of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

There are different types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the world of the website depending on the nature of the work. Currently, there are three types of SEO transmission.

For example -
1. White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO and
3. Gray Hat SEO

Description of all:

Nature of SEO | White Hat SEO | Black Hat SEO | Gray Hat SEO

1. White Hat SEO:

The SEO that follows all the search engine guidelines is called White Hat SEO. It takes a lot of time but no risk. Once you do it properly then you can benefit in the long term.

There are two types of SEO. For example -

Paid SEO:

Making your business known to others through the Payment Per Click (CPC) process in Google Ads. The kind of SEO that gets paid by Google is called paid SEO. Of course, this will not increase the ranking of the search engine and will not get the same results as organic SEO.

But your business will grow exponentially and the business will catch the eye of all people. This SEO is generally intended for seasonal businesses. For example - World Cup Tournament, FIFA Football League, etc.

Organic SEO:

Imagine that, if the traders were paying to get the highest ranking. Then users who come to the ranking by searching will never get the desired results.

Therefore, the search engine results page is the organic SEO that gives the search engine the opportunity to get ranking in the process of applying it to the faithful and practical life.


2. Black Hat SEO:

Look at the word buzz that is pointing towards immorality. Black hat SEO is the SEO method used by websites that do not follow any kind of search engine guidelines to get the search engine results to page up fast. Websites get ranking on SERP very quickly through Black Hat SEO.

Low-cost profits are high but risks are high. At any time, the search engine can reduce or reduce such websites on penalties and rankings. Some of the techniques of Black Hat SEO are spam links, keyword stuffing, cloning, hidden texts, hidden links that are misleading users and taken to other websites.

The main goal of Black Hat SEO is to increase the ranking of your site by exploring the search engine algorithm. But as you know, Google updates the search engine algorithm 500 to 600 times per year. This is called Unethical SEO.

Keyword Stuffing:

This is part of Black Hat SEO. Fill the page with all such keywords that users or visitors can type in the search, that is, keyword overloading.

Often, such keywords are inserted with the hidden attribute in the input tag, thus making the text invisible to the user. But the search engine has to read these. In addition, the color of the text is similar to the color of the page.

As a result, the user does not see the tags. But search engines see this. This is stuffing. Keyword stuffing is sometimes called Keyword Loading.

You must refrain from doing so for the good of your site. The search engine will kick out the site once it is found.

3. Gray Hat SEO:

This is a bit of a middle label process SEO. Where search engine gaps are not searched. Here is something that is not mentioned in the search engine guidelines. This type of SEO is called Gray Hat SEO.

In this case, cost, profit, time are all in the middle position. However, this may put you in danger of not following the SEO guidelines. The good news is that SEO in this way will never reduce your website's ranking or make any difference to your site.

The SEO experts are saying that, at present, another SEO practice has also started around the world. Where Negative SEO is done in combination with Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO

However, this is not for your own website. This is done on the site of the same content of the opponent. Free up space in the search engine.


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