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What is Digital Marketing | what is best digital marketing strategy | Types of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing | what is digital marketing strategy | Types of Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing:

Marketing is the process of selling any products or services with advertising that through marketing. Digital marketing is the use of digital media and digital technology to manage the sale of products or services online or over the Internet. And which types or methods we are using for marketing, those are digital marketing.

Why do digital marketing:

The present period is the age of the information technology period. In this period of information technology, we are all moving forward with technology. With the change of time, all of every system is becoming technology dependent. And with the development of this information technology, we can do any job fast and very easily without mistake. And with that, we can reconcile ourselves over time.

As an example, in the past, if we wanted to buy a product, we would have to go to the market. Now, we can sell our products at home as easily as we wish. And using this process of marketing is digital marketing.

How to do digital marketing:

There are many ways to perform digital marketing. But there are some methods that we must take in the field of digital marketing. Now today we know about the things that are most used in digital marketing.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2. Online Advertising

3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

4. Email Marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing

6. Content Marketing

What is Digital Marketing | what is digital marketing strategy | Types of Digital Marketing

SEO is the abbreviation for Search engine optimization. By definition in English, SEO is some rules or techniques by which a website can get a lot of visitors or traffic from different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

And the only reason for bringing such high traffic or visitors is to bring our website to the primary page of search engines. When our website involves the primary pages of search engines then our website's visitors increase automatically.

SEO can usually be divided into 02 (two) parts.
1. On-Page SEO and

What you have said about your website is On-Page SEO, it is also called Technical SEO. What others are saying about your website, which is Off-Page SEO, is also called Link Building.

Suppose you search for a product or search engine by typing the name of the product. Then the websites that come to the first page will understand the product you are searching for. And we can think of ourselves as supposing we have created a website on a particular topic.

Now our website is there if someone writes a product or information to search our website comes to page 05 (five) of the search engine, then no one will go to page 05 (five) to find the product. Of course, page 01 will be the first to see.

And for this, we have to increase the traffic or visitors to our website and follow the appropriate methods of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

What is Digital Marketing | what is digital marketing strategy | Types of Digital Marketing

Online Advertising:

We should know that the advertising we promote online is basically online advertising. Online Advertising is not the same as Traditional Advertising again.

There are several types of online advertising, Examples
1.    CPC (Cost Per Click)
2.    CPA (Cost Per Action)
3.    CPV (Cost Per View)
4.    Display Advertising etc.

CPC (Cost Per Click):

CPC is a very good type of online advertising. It is a form of advertising that will go as a marketing message to consumers. Another advertiser pays for every click or dollar in return for their advertisement.

CPA (Cost Per Action):

CPA means the value per action, that is, the web market will offer you a revenue in exchange for an action, you'll complete. And revenue is essential $. this is often a replacement online advertising process.

CPV (Cost Per View):

CPV, that means, cost per view. CPV is also online advertising systems like CPC and CPA, and these. An advertisement gives returns revenue based on the amount of time it is for how long viewed.

Display Advertising:

Display advertising is the digital form or picture of promotional billboards and banners we see on the main road or roof of elevated buildings. All of these are done through Google AdWords.

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

We use many sorts of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and lots of more. We call these social networks or social media. We use these media to speak with each other or with many individuals or organizations. Social media marketing is how we want to promote these social media platforms or the way we promote them.

Social Media Marketing is again 02 (Two) types. For example:

1.  Paid Marketing (promotes pages or groups with money).
2. Free marketing (by posting or commenting on public groups and public pages).

And each of these social media platforms has different systems or methods on how to do marketing. And now, from a company or an organization to creation, its development program and social media have a huge role to play.

For example:
A good relationship is created with each other.
Feedback is out there on differing types of products or services. Due to this instant feedback, we will easily determine the inaccuracy of our product or service.

We can discuss any other issues. And if any person has a question about something, we can answer it directly. They know how to develop a service or product well.

There are many things that we have no idea about, but we need to know about those things, we can learn about those things.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a process or method where a company collects emails related to a specific topic or people who like these topics to reach their specific goals and sends them various types of promotional or promotional emails related to that topic at different times.

And the two things are very important for email marketing:
1. Optin Form
2. Email Marketing Services
If you do not notice these 2 methods, email marketing is not possible.

1. Optin Form:

Optin Form is where the company or a corporation communicates via e-mail if there is a payment on a particular product or offers to buy something free with any product or services.

2. Email Marketing Services:

When a corporation sends an email to quite one person, it sends emails through email marketing services or such software. Email marketing software is employed especially for sending emails to all or any of those tasks.

Popular software for email marketing is:
1. Aweber
2. Mail Chimp
3. Get Response

And the company chooses a few things to collect emails from. For example:
1. e-book
2. Cheatsheet for tips or resources
3. Free webinar
4. Coupon etc.

And these topics are especially seen in E-Commerce Technology or E-Commerce websites.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method or system where we do not have any product of our own, you will be promoting your own website or page by taking a product from another person or their website, and if someone clicks on your promoted link or banner. If you purchase the product, you will get some money from it as a commission.

Affiliate marketing basically involves 03 (three) things. And things are happening:
1. Merchants Or Advertiser
2. Networks (Click Bank, Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate)
3. Publisher

Merchants or Advertiser:

The task of the merchant is to determine their product, and when to select the product which is best in the market.


Merchant Rae is usually connected to these networks, they share their products online on these Affiliate Network sites. Some popular Affiliate Network sites.

For example:
1. Share A Sale, 2. Click Bank, 3. Amazon Affiliate, 4. eBay, Market Health, etc.


Those who search for these products from Affiliate Market are called Publisher to promote and sell these products on their own website or page.

Content Marketing:

Content generally means we understand different types of blog posts, videos, e-books, etc. Content marketing is what we do once we are marketing content online.

Some of the content of the marketing materials online:
Web Page
Blog Post
PDF, E-Book, Book
Videos, etc.

The biggest thing about the content is that digital marketing must create content. Even with program optimization, social media marketing requires content everywhere. Digital content is impossible without content.

End of the total description the main thing is that if we think about digital marketing then we must keep the above things in mind and follow all the steps to ensure that all the steps are crossed.

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