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What is off page seo | What is off page seo optimization

What is off page seo | What is off page seo optimization

Off-page SEO is a kind of search engine optimization method that we can't do inside a blog or website. Similarly, on-page SEO we set everything inside the blog as different from writing an article on the off-page SEO. Then it starts to make the public. Simply put, everything we will do out of our blog.

In the process of off-page SEO, making a backlink, popularizing your blog's URL address with another blog or website, social media sharing, domain authority, page authority, and link building are particularly involved in these processes.

How to do Off-page SEO?

Now below I will tell you some of the techniques on the off-page SEO that will help you a lot.

Submit a blog or website to the search engine:

The first thing you need to submit your website to Google, yahoo and bing search engine. Because, after submitting the website to the search engine, your blog or website will be shown in the search engines and only then can we try to improve the position or rank of our blog by doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For submitting any blog or website to Google or the yahoo search engine, we may submit it using the Google search console and Bing webmasters tools.

Use of directory submission:

You can submit the URL of your blog or blog article by going to the directory submission website. Remember, the directory website where you submit your blog's URL address to high PR (Page Rank) and high DA (Domain Authority).

This will bring backlinks from high DA and high PR directory websites to your blog and increase the DA and PA of your blog or website.

In this, Google and other search engines will pay more for your blog or website and the URL address of your website will be shown more frequently in search results.

There is a very good search on Google and will know about the high DA and PA directory website.

What is off page seo | What is off page seo optimization | Off Page Seo and Backlink optimization

Use of social media websites:

Using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, you can increase the popularity of your blog.

You need to create a profile on your own blog by going straight to social media websites. After creating the profile, you will post the URL of the article in your blog.

In this, you will get direct visitors from social media and also get social media signals which are very good on Google and Yahoo search engine.

Google and Yahoo search give more value to blogs and websites that come with more social media signals and increase the chance of more visitors coming from the search on your website.

Blog Comment:

The URL address of your blog website is to go to another blog and comment on that another blog post, which is called blog commenting.

In this way, you can generate many backlinks very easily. As I said previously, the better you build a backlink, the more your DA (Domain Authority) will grow. And your blog gets more DA. Then the more visitors you will get from Google and Yahoo search.

So, if you want to match the content of your blog by going to another blog article and commenting on it and submitting the URL address of your blog then it will be very beneficial for your blog.

Create a backlink with guest posting:

Guest posting is one of the best and most important things in off-page SEO. Guest posting gives allows you to create a good backlink for your blog.

This way you can increase the DA (domain authority) of your website domain. This will allow your blog to come into view in the top 10 search results on Google search.

What does the guest posting indicate:

The guest posting indicates or means, posting a link to your blog by writing an article on someone else's blog. That clearly means, when you write an article on another blog (that matches your blog) and post a URL of your blog link to that article. This process is called guest posting.

As I said previously, the guest posting can increase DA (domain authority) of the website very easily. So, this is one of the most important things for SEO “search engine optimization”.

Remember that guest posting can only be done on those websites that have a lot of DA (domain authority). If the minimum is DA 35 or 45, then you can do a GUEST POSTING on that website.

Now I wish to share with you "What is a Domain Authority" or "DA":

Domain authority is a rank or list that is given to all websites on the Internet by MOZ. (MOZ is a website name that is ranking all websites in 1 to 100) For example, the DA of www.facebook.com domain is 96. The MOZ has ranked the website at number 96 (Till the date of 26 February 2020).

In the same way, starting from 1 to 100 ranks is given to all websites. If your DA number is higher, then your website will rank in Google search.

You can increase the Da number of domains on your website by increasing the number of backlinks. Remember, DAs will not increases unless there is without backlink but backlink will be created by all good DA and nish related websites.

For your kind information, website domain authority can be checked for free from this link - Check website domain authority.

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