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Types of seo | How to rank website by on page seo and off page seo

Types of seo | How to rank website by on page seo and off page seo

There are two types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. On-page SEO and

2. Off-page SEO.

These two types of SEO work in a different way. Here is a description of them. Now let us make out about them well and understand clearly, and we know how to rank website by on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

What is on-page SEO:

On-page SEO is a process where we apply SEO from inside our blog or website. That means that there are some responsibilities that we can apply to SEO inside our blog or our website.

For example, the simplest technique to start a blog is to buy your site or nish related domain. Then choose SEO friendly design or theme.

That means you want to build a website on the subject. Make that a related theme choice. Then, write some good articles and make the article SEO friendly by using the correct keyword in the content.

In addition, the keywords in your blog articles should be used in the form of short paragraphs in the article title, description, tag and certain sections of the article.

There are some SEO techniques or processes that we can get free traffic or visitors from Google search or yahoo search by using the articles in our blog. Or the SEO techniques used to optimize your blog's articles to get traffic from search engines, which are called on-page SEO.

Types of seo | How to rank website by on page seo and off page seo

Now, what do you do on-page SEO on your blog:

There are many regulations for applying on-page SEO on your blog. Below we will find the most useful and necessary on-page SEO. which you can use on-page SEO (search engine optimization) on your blog or your website.

Website loading speed:

It is very important that for a blog or website its loading speed is very important. Because, myself or you, we are a blog whose loading speed is slow and we will never want to use websites that take a long time to open.

For that reason, most of the blogs or websites do not open too quickly after we have seen or seen something else. Because nobody likes a slow website.

According to some online survey information, it is beneficial to open any website or blog within two to five seconds and the search engine likes it.

This will open your website quickly and allow visitors to enter your blog to read the article that they have come. But if your website does not open in two to five seconds, it only takes longer to load.

So your website is far slower and that I hope visitors to your blog will leave your blog angry. This is extremely discrediting for your site.

And, if visitors come to your site and leave your blog quickly, it creates a bad view of your blog on Google search or other search engines.

As a result, the blog or website slows down the search engine without leaving your website in the first place, and brings forward and ranking those websites that load fast.

So, it is important to remember that fasting website loading speed is the first and most important part of the on-page SEO. If you do not, you will never get a good amount of traffic or visitors from the Google search engine.

Now you should know how to remain your own website or blog very fast:

I would like to share that, To speed up the loading speed of your blog, you must remember the following 05 (Five) points.

You need to buy good and fast web hosting.

Take the theme simple and customize it by following the correct method.

Upload images to the blog in a small size.

Use cache and database cleaner plugin on the blog.

If you use WordPress, you should never use additional plugins. Highly note that using more plugins will slow down your website.

At the time of writing the article, the title tag should be done with good keyword research.

Highly note that the most important part of your article is the title of the article. When you use a good title for your article, all the visitors from any search engine will read your article attentively. Because, whether it's a search engine or social media, everyone can see the title of their article.

So, if you have to write a title that is easy to recognize or that can be read by the whole article, everyone will click on that link (article) on your blog, whether it's Google search results or social media.

One important thing you must know. If most people on Google search engine click on your blog's link, then your blog's CTR (Click through rate) to be enlarged It is very good.

More clicks on your blog or better CTR from Google search means that the image of your blog is better than Google. Because most clicks on your article link mean that visitors have benefited from reading the title of your article and in that Google and your article or blog are well-thought-out as a good blog site.

Therefore, write the title of the article in a simple way so that everyone reading the title will understand the content of the article you are writing.

The first thing to remember when writing an article is the use of URL links in blog posts. You must set the URL link to your blog post.

Whether you are writing a blog using Blogger or WordPress, you can set the URL address of the article you are writing first.

Always use "keyword" in the URL address of the blog article. Beyond that, keep the URL address short.

As an example, if you are writing the article "SEO key and how to use it on the blog" then you can set the URL of your article in the same way as the address - "Seo-key-key" or "SEO-key".

By making the URL short and clearing the URL in this way, Google can easily understand what article you are writing on. In this article, your article has the chance to rank well in Google search.

Internal linking:

Internal linking is one of the things that is very important and the best thing on-page SEO. Many of you may not know what internal linking is or is not. If so, be aware that the concept of a good internal linking helps your blog article rank in Google search.

Now we know what is internal linking:

Internal linking means giving a link to another article that matches the subject of the article you are writing when you write the article on the blog.

For example, suppose I am writing an article on the blog, "What is a blog of a website and how to earn more money from a blog". Then I can add a link to the other article in my own blog such as "Blog" or "Earn more money" link to the current article.

Because of the current and running article that I am writing on the blog and income. And so, if I give a link to a blog or other article about money-making in the current article, they will be the same topic as my article.

And that's internal linking. Also, remember this is a very important part of SEO. So, of course, you should use Internal linking in your article.

Use of ALT tag:

You must use an image in your blog article. And, whenever you upload a photo to a blog, you will use the "alt tag" in the picture.

With alt tag, Google and other search engines will understand what your uploaded image is about. So, we must use the alt tag and use the main keyword in the alt tag.

Use of Article Content and Keywords:

The best and most important thing about your blog or website is the content (which you have written) or the blog. That is what is called content.

Because your content depends on the content of your blog, visitors will come to your blog. And, if your content is not good, then it will not work appropriately.

For all time remember that the content will never try to be copied from other websites. Write what you are writing is completely original with your own process.

Write the content or article minimum within five words. It should include a complete description of the subject you are writing about your Content.

This is very important with SEO and it allows you to rank your articles in Google search engines well.
Use of Keywords

I was already saying that keywords are very essential when we are writing articles on blogs. Keywords are words that are particularly written in the article above.

So, of course, we should remember that when you're writing an article, you'll use keywords in the same of your content. Also, use the keywords heading, first paragraph, last paragraph, article title, URL address and Image Alt tag. Remember that more use of keywords can get your blog out of Google search.

So, use the keyword as much as is important in the content. Naturally use keywords in your own articles. This will give details together to your guests and to Google what the article is about.

Proper use of content and keywords is very important for SEO and search engine optimization.

So my friends, more than we learned a lot about on-page SEO. I hope this is the best tutorial for on-page SEO.

What is off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is what others are saying about you or what is done outside of the website. Such as blog commenting, forum postings, etc. For more information click here


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