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What is seo and seo tips for beginners

What is seo and seo tips for beginners

What is SEO: 

SEO abbreviation or meaning is Search Engine Optimization. We all time search our necessary keyword or content in search engines like Google, yahoo, opera, Wikipedia, etc. The website owner is providing their service which is searching for their content or word separately.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a better process for increasing your website's popularity and is easy to find in any search engine. Everybody should know What is SEO and this is a very important subject because it (SEO) helps all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Firefox, etc better identify that what about your website and allows you to show your content to the targeted people or visitors.

I will attempt to offer you a good idea about the SEO from the Entry Level to the Advance level, although the essential rules are equivalent. So it's vital to understand What is SEO is the essential rules for SEO.

We know when we search for any subject in the search engines and then many websites have come to our front. We don’t know which website is the best for my keyword. Alternatively, the website owner is providing their particular service on their website separately.

The search engine finds and shows its target audience keywords serially step by step in the ranking. All over the website, owners want only their website to be shown in the first ranking for the audience in all search engine sites. which systematically search engine ranking all website that is called SEO or What is SEO.

We are regularly open to see any links or keywords on the first page and habitually do not need to go the second or third pages. Hopefully, everyone will have the same opinion as me.

That means more people will click on the site or link that appears on the first page of Google. Then click on a website. If you own that website it doesn't matter. There is no doubt that you will get lots of visitors.

One SEO Expert always aims to bring his website to the first page of Google. And of course, there are some technical conditions to be brought to the first page of Google.

If you are interested, I will try to share those tricks slowly step by step. Keeping a short list of tricks will make discussion easy.

1. Keywords to research.
(For beginners need long-tail keyword)

2. Perform Competitor Analysis.

3. Writing content correctly.

4. On-page SEO.

5. Off-page SEO.

6. Create a sitemap and submitting your information to Google.  And

7. Monitor regularly.

After all, do not say anything, you may know something about the above things, in that case, you are a good SEO expert, but not so much.

In general, if you understand What is SEO, when you can rank an article or if you understand why your article is not ranked, then you should recognize that you can SEO and clear this subject of What is SEO.

To learn SEO, you must learn to follow the right guidelines. One has to know and understand what to learn after another.

To know SEO, you must have good ideas about HTML 4.01, HTML 5 or XHTML. If you do not know them well, then learn the HTML course‌ at the beginning. Then it will be easier for you to understand. There is also some sense of contact with CSS.

What is seo and seo tips for beginners

SEO tips for beginners:

There is nothing specific about SEO tips for beginners. SEO's approach is constantly changing. Below are some SEO tips for sharing some SEO tips for beginners.

1. Try not to do Black Hat SEO as much as possible.

2. Do not copy any content from another person's website. Trying to write itself.

3. Use the right size fonts and headings, sizing, in the right place.

4. Keep good quality content on the site and present accurate information.

5. Avoid spelling mistakes grammatically.

6. Use a good quality image or image on the site and you must use an image alter tag.

7. Avoid using inappropriate content, pictures or anything else.

8. Post regularly on various social media sites, blogs or forums, etc.

9. Do regular keyword research.

10. Submit all posts or page URL of your website to different browsers and web directories.

11. Create a Sitemap of the website (of course).

12. Create a simple and easy-to-navigate menu that everyone can understand.

All of these tips are very essential SEO tips for beginners. I hope this is a better description for you to understand What is SEO and what Search Engine Optimization is. And how it (SEO) works.

So viewers, you almost certainly know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means, what SEO does and how many ways it will do SEO. If you have any questions about this subject, please freely throw any comment below.



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